How to apply to be a first responder

Here, you can find out how to be a FR and how the application is processed. Firstly, you need to be apart of our discord server for at least 3 weeks and know how to talk to atc. The application is processed in the following stages:

Entry Exam:
To be able to apply as a first responder, you have to pass our FR Entry Exam which asks you some questions that we feel should know the answers to before applying as a first responder. To pass the exam, you must score 7 or higher. Note that only your first attempt will be taken and you cannot resit the exam within 3 days of first completion.

Once you have passed the exam, you can then head to #bot-commands where you can type "/apply".  The bot "AppBot will the dm you with the questions for the application. Once completed, one of the FR staff will review it. If accepted, you will proceed to the next part of enrollment. If denied, you can reapply 3 days after.


If accepted, you will be given the "Candidate" role and be able to see the candidate chat and Voice Chat. Here, you'll be able to say when you are free for your interview and can chat to the FR staff about any questions or concerns you have. In your interview, we will discuss what we expect from you, go through your application in more depth and discuss your entry exam result. We will also see where we can fit you in, in the FR.

Want to go even further?

Well you can. You can recieve additional training and become an EMT.  Learn more


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